We Ready! The 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards Teased a Big Night With an Over-the-Top Red Carpet

The MTV Movie & TV Awards air Monday night, but Saturday’s pretaping gave us a lot to look forward to by way of the red carpet. The annual ceremony, now in its 27th year, is where the most current phenoms in film and television collide—and the red carpet is a reliable range of good, bad and WTF fashion (because ...…

Zazie Beetz Is the Only Thing That Matters in Deadpool 2

“I know white superheroes aren’t your thing,” The Root’s resident Suge Knight, also known as our deputy managing editor, Yesha Callahan, said to me as she tasked me with writing about Deadpool 2. No, white superheroes aren’t my thing, but Ryan Reynolds is my thing, and even more so, Zazie Beetz as freakin’ Domino!

4 Underrated Things About NYC From a Guy Who Doesn’t Hate It There as Much as He Used To

So, the title is somewhat misleading. Even though every time I’m there it’s cold and hot and wet and generally smells like a lit candle stuck in a pigeon’s ass, I never actually hated New York City. I just felt uneasy, awkward and overwhelmed. Basically, visiting New York City is like watching Funny Games.