Lauren Seroyer 

Lauren Seroyer was eating a quick breakfast at school when she was inspired to start her nonprofit organization. A


Whether singing, acting or clapping back on Twitter, Zendaya always finds a way to use her voice for good.

Khareem Oliver

Pet owners often think of their dogs and cats as their kids. So when Scruffy or Fluffy is lost, it can wreak havoc on

Alanna Wall

Alanna Wall is determined to add a little polish and sparkle to the lives of hospitalized children and girls with

Isaiah Cooper 

Isaiah Cooper is already aiming to fly to higher heights. In 2016, at 16 years old, he made headlines when he became

Olivia Russo-Hood

Even after tragedy struck Olivia Russo-Hood’s family, she started looking for ways to help others. After a massive

Destiny Watford

Destiny Watford is the accidental environmental activist America needs right now. Her quest for clean air all started

Haile Thomas

There aren’t many kids who can say they’ve met first lady Michelle Obama once—let alone multiple times. For teen chef Ha

Nicole O’Dell

Nicole O’Dell talks as effortlessly about biotechnology as she would if she were talking about what she ate for dinner.

Clifton Kinnie

Clifton Kinnie wasn’t planning to be an activist. It wasn’t until he saw a picture of slain teen Michael Brown on his

Shemar Coombs 

Shemar Coombs wants to add a few minutes to your day. After getting tired of untangling his headphones, he decided to


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