Black Muslim Firefighter Endured Years of Racist and Religious Harassment; When He Spoke Up, He Was Arrested: Report

Another day, another accusation of racism against New York City’s Fire Department. In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Brooklyn, N.Y., a black Muslim firefighter says he was punished by the department for speaking out about the harassment he says he endured for 12 years over his race and his religion.

Women and Men of Color Pay an ‘Emotional Tax’ at Work That’s Detrimental to Their Overall Health and Ability to Thrive: Report 

There is no question that navigating the world as a woman of color is a unique experience. The combination of sexism and racism we face as we move through our individual lives, including in the workplace, can also result in us being wary and on edge in a way that impacts our health and even our ability to succeed.

Megyn Kelly Employee Fired After Alleging Harassment at Show That Specializes in Covering Harassment: Report 

Late last year, Megyn Kelly’s show finally seemed to find its groove with audiences once the #MeToo movement gathered steam. Following the case of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged decadeslong pattern of sexual abuse—and the numerous allegations against other powerful men in other C-suites in other industries—Kelly’s show