The Root Packs the House for Very Smart Brothas' and The Glow Up's Boss Moves Event in Washington, D.C.

Do people still call Washington, D.C., Chocolate City? I’m asking for a friend and also because my people, my people, you guys showed up and showed out at our Very Smart Brothas and The Glow Up Boss Moves event on Thursday, July 19th—sponsored by Toyota—filling the Long View Gallery with beautiful boss blackness that…

Mike Pence Would Not Be Worse Than Trump Because No One, God Included, Gives a Shit About Mike Pence

It’s been a relatively slow week for rapey vat of curdled Cheez Whiz Donald Trump and his cadre of paint thinner-dipped sociopathic marionettes. Perhaps it’s because he’s currently on his 27th vacation of the last three months, and there’s no dry snitches left to fire for outing cocksucking contortionists to the New

Of All the Reasons to Boycott the Trash-Ass NFL, Colin Kaepernick Not Getting Signed Is Waaay Down the List

In the time since I began writing this, Jay Cutler could’ve broken his right ring finger after punching a bag of Hot Cheetos for just being moderately warm instead of “Flamin’,” and the Dolphins, in need of another quarterback, could reach out to Colin Kaepernick. But for now he remains unsigned, and the only logical…

I’m a Grown-Ass Man and I’m Scared to Death of NYC Subways, and I Don’t Give a Shit How You Feel About That

It wasn’t until my fifth or sixth time in New York City as an adult that I realized why it always felt 10 degrees hotter than the actual temperature in the summer and 10 degrees colder than the actual temperature in the winter. (A New York City 80 degrees feels like 90, and 20 degrees feels like FUCK THIS FUCKING…

Watch: A ‘Very Smart Brotha’ Breaks Down Darth Becky and Being the Blackest Thing on the Internet Since Marvin Gaye’s ‘Thigh Meats’

The Washington Post once described Very Smart Brothas as “the blackest thing that ever happened to the internet. Period.” And aside from a photo of Jesse Jackson and Marvin Gaye playing basketball with their “thigh meats blaring,” Damon Young and Panama Jackson are just that.