Dear People Who Don’t Wash Your Hands After Using the Bathroom: WTF Is Wrong With You? I Hate You

Today, on this eighth day of January in the year of our Lord 2018, I went to utilize the restroom in this public workspace that has been made available to me. Upon entering this bathroom, I noticed two gentlemen at stalls relieving themselves. I assume that’s what they were doing. They could have been drawing piss…

Fla. Elementary School Blasted After Refusing to Put Toilet Paper in Bathroom Stalls, Handing Out Wads of Paper to Students as Needed

I know it’s important not to be wasteful, and to teach small children the importance of not being wasteful, but not putting toilet paper in school bathroom stalls and instead handing out wads of paper to students on an as-needed basis seems like some next-level anxiety-inducing shit, no pun intended.