All About Eve:Ā The Talkā€™s Newest Host Dishes onĀ Her Evolving Style, Finding Love and Representing for Young Black Girls

When comedian-actress Aisha Tyler left The Talk last summer, who wouldā€™ve guessed that rapper Eve would replace her? While Eve reprised her role as Terri in Barbershop: The Next Cut in 2016, the last many of us heard from Eve, she was happily tucked away in London with her mogul husband, Maximillion Cooper.

What It Feels Like to Receive a Call From Your Child After Cops Draw Their Guns on Him

Iā€™ve had the same headache since 2 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 4. My son has had the same nightmares every night since then as well. Most people will say, ā€œBe lucky he wasnā€™t shot or killed,ā€ but when you send your child to college, the last thing you expect to happen is for him to call you at 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday saying thatā€¦