Why Saying ‘One Bad Apple Doesn’t Spoil the Bunch’ About Starbucks Misses the Point Entirely

I get it. You like Starbucks. You’ve been going there for, like, ever, and you really like your veni-vidi-vici triple-fat goose macchiato latte with a splash of waterfalls and shit. I get it. The fuckery at Starbucks right now, and even the company’s decision to close down for a day to “train” its employees on

What’s the Biggest National Chain You’ve Never Actually Stepped Foot in Before?

Fifteen or so years ago, Oprah had a show where various celebrities offered their favorite sandwiches: what’s in them, where they’re sold, how often they eat one, etc. Chris Rock was featured in this segment, and described a shrimp-and-bacon club from the Cheesecake Factory. This memory has stuck in my mind because of

I Once Taught a College-Level Statistics Class Using Nothing but Drug References; It Was the Most Effective, Questionable Thing I’ve Done (at Least That Day)

I used to work in a summer program at a prominent university in the Washington, D.C.-area intended to get black students into the field of public policy and foreign affairs. For something like seven straight summers, I was either a resident assistant (first two years) or a teacher’s assistant (economics, statistics,