Protesters Challenge NFL’s National Anthem Rule in Front of the Master’s House

Tamika Mallory didn’t leave any wiggle room for misinterpretation when she took the mic after Minister Kirsten John Foy asked the crowd gathered in front of the NFL’s New York City headquarters to be respectful and not to use any foul language. Foy, Northwest regional director for the National Action Network, said…

Who Gon’ Check Me, Boo? Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins Says He Will Continue to Protest Even if Team Owner Forbids It

The vice president of the United States wasted taxpayer dollars Sunday so he could stage his own mini protest against NFL players who exercised their constitutional right to peaceful protest by kneeling during the national anthem, and according to the current president, the vice president acted at his request.

Pa. Man Didn’t Like It When the Steelers Declined to Take the Field for the National Anthem, so He Painted a Swastika on the Team Flag

The “funny” thing about all this outrage over NFL players (and others) deciding not to stand or participate during the national anthem (or the Pledge of Allegiance) is that white people are proving—whether purposely or not—that they know the protest isn’t about the anthem or veterans but about white supremacy.

La. High School Says It Will Remove Players From Team if They Do Not Stand for National Anthem 

What is the First Amendment? Seems as if Parkway High School in Bossier Parish, La., may need a refresher because the principal of that school just issued a letter to parents Thursday saying that students will be suspended (and/or ultimately removed) from sports teams if they attempt to demonstrate in any way during…