Richard Spencer Listed as ‘Texan of the Year’ Finalist by Newspaper and the Internet Is Not Pleased

Just when I thought we’d had enough of Richard Spencer and anything to do with his trash-ass hoard of hateful white people and we would leave him and the “alt-right” and Nazis behind in 2017, the Dallas Morning News decided to announce that he was a finalist for the prestigious paper’s “Texan of the Year” award.

Twitter Removes Verification Badge From White Nationalists’ Accounts, Changes Verification Policies

Well, wail, (fail) whale. A week after being put on blast for verifying the account of white nationalist Jason Kessler—the organizer of the tiki-torch white supremacist rally—Twitter has reversed its decision and removed the check mark from his account, along with that of Richard Spencer, and made several changes to…

Black Protester Hugs Squirming Nazi, Quips, ‘Why Don’t You Like Me, Dog?’

The black protester who was caught on viral video hugging a squirming and uncomfortable neo-Nazi outside white supremacist dump truck Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida in Gainesville on Thursday is acknowledging that he could just as easily have hit the guy (an act in which someone else had earlier…