Watching the Racist Lawyer Who Threatened to Call ICE on Spanish Speakers Run Away From Reporters Is My New Favorite Thing Ever

I’m a simple person who finds pleasure in the simple things in life. But of the many simple things I enjoy—watching the sun rise, listening to Beyoncé sing, stalking cat/dog videos online—watching racists get clocked is undefeated, and this week delivered in the most delightful of ways when it comes to Aaron…

‘Shut Up, Slave!’: White Man Hurls Insults, Compares Black Man to Livestock During Altercation at Chicago Starbucks 

We apparently have not yet hit our racist-tirade quota for the day. A white man at a downtown Chicago café was captured on camera launching into a rant, calling a black man a slave and comparing him to livestock after becoming angry that the man apparently spilled some coffee on his light-colored suit.