Survey Finds Men of Color Are More Likely to Say Sexual Assault Is a ‚ÄėSerious Problem‚Äô Than White Women ... for Real

A new Washington Post-ABC poll surveying Americans‚Äô attitudes toward sexual harassment found that women of color were more likely than other groups to say that sexual harassment in the workplace was a ‚Äúserious problem.‚ÄĚ Among those surveyed, 86 percent of nonwhite women said that workplace sexual harassment was a‚Ķ

Colo. Woman Is Being Terrorized by Racist Notes Slipped Under Her Door, but Apartment Complex Refuses to Let Her Break Lease

A dumb lease is more important than helping a woman who is being terrorized by some asshole slipping racist notes under her door and knocking on her door and running away. At least that’s what one Colorado resident is apparently going through because her apartment complex is reportedly refusing to allow her to break…