Watch: Trump Wants to Build That Dumbass Wall, but He’s Totally Fine With Low-Wage Foreign Guest Workers

During his millionth rally to drum up support for the presidential office that he already holds, Donald Trump told those in attendance that he had an answer for farmers who he noted may suffer “a little pain for a little while” because of his administration’s shady trade deals with several foreign partners.


Pregnant Mich. Mom, Walking Around Her Neighborhood to Help Induce Labor, Harassed, Called Racial Slurs 

Imagine being nine months pregnant and enduring contractions, which can be stressful enough already. Now imagine you’ve decided to take a walk around your neighborhood to help move your labor along. Now imagine that while you’re strolling along with your other two kids, enjoying the weather, someone starts hurling…

Mich. Teacher ‘Violently’ Drags Black 6th-Grader Out of His Seat After He Declines to Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance: Report

Everybody is all about freedom of speech and expression until a black person (hey, Colin Kaepernick; hey, Jemele Hill) decides to exercise his or her right to do so. And in this particular case, a black sixth-grader out of Michigan says he was assaulted by his homeroom teacher all because he was exercising his rights…