A Spoiler-Free Review of Black Panther With No Plot Points or Facts in Roughly 250 Words

I had the opportunity to see Black Panther on Tuesday afternoon. If you’ll remember, I don’t know shit about Black Panther. That all changed on Tuesday. I still don’t know as much as most folks who got backstories and histories, but now I know more. With this newfound knowledge and my excitement in tow, I decided to…

Wakanda's Indomitable Culture Is Why the Women of Black Panther Are so Dynamic

Though Marvel’s Black Panther is about the ascension of a new Wakandan king, the film is also largely about the powerful women around T’Challa who are running the show. According to a number of the film’s female stars, their characters’ strength is a direct reflection of Wakanda’s cultural history.

She Got That Glow: Danai Gurira Was a Work of Art at Black Panther’s European Premiere

Danai, Danai, Danai ... from The Walking Dead to Wakanda, Danai Gurira has slayed her way into our hearts, and does no less on the red carpet. At Thursday night’s European premiere of Marvel’s Black Panther, she wowed in black and emerald, rising like the beaded phoenix gracing her gown by Jean-Louis Sabaji—who…


How Black Panther Blends Politics, Culture, and Technology Unlike Any Other Superhero Film

“James Bond meets The Godfather.” That’s how executive producer Nate Moore describes Marvel Studios’ latest film, Black Panther. It’s not the answer we expected, but it accurately describes a high-tech spy adventure, set in an insular world where warring factions vie for leadership. But, last year on the Atlanta set…