Eau de Bull, Again: Good Ole Boys Have ā€˜No Concerns About Anything Inappropriateā€™ in Environmental-Racism Case

Last year I wrote about an environmental-racism conspiracy in which a corrupt black congressman implicated Jeffrey Wood, the man now overseeing the Justice Departmentā€™s Environment and Natural Resources Division, or ENRD. Iā€™m back to report that this story has aged like wine: Itā€™s gotten more complex, mightily moreā€¦

Eau de Bull: A Cologne of Arsenic and Environmental Racism forĀ Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Wood

The Justice Departmentā€™s Environmental and Natural Resources Division is responsible for enforcing compliance with federal environmental laws. So to find that the fingerprints of coal lobbyist-turned-ENRD acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Wood are on an environmental-racism scandal is, actually, pretty par forā€¦