A New Tent City in the Texas Desert and Other Changes Being Imposed on Migrant Children in the US

The number of detained migrant children in the United States has increased more than fivefold since last year, and their plight in this country is not getting any better. In recent weeks, hundreds have been transferred to a tent city in the South Texas desert with little access to legal representation and no required…

White House Pushing New Policy That Would Punish Legal Immigrants Who've Received Public Benefits: Report

The White House is at again, this time, President Trump’s advisor and resident white supremacist weasel, Stephen Miller, has reportedly proposed a new policy that would make it harder for legal immigrants whose families received public benefits such as subsidies for Obamacare or food stamps to get citizenship.

Here’s What Trump’s Executive Order to End Family Separation at the Border Really Means

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump finally decided that he’d done enough damage in embarrassing America on a global stage and signed an executive order to end the separation of migrant children from their loved ones at the U.S. border. Didn’t matter that he could have done this weeks ago or that he never had to do…

We’ve Been Here Before: A Psychologist Calls Out the Horrifying Familiarity of America’s Treatment of Migrant Children

Amid a deluge of recent reports on the terrors that migrants are facing at the U.S. border, including stories of families being ripped apart and planned “tent cities” for unaccompanied children, public pressure is mounting against the Trump administration to change course on its draconian and cruel immigration policy.

So ... Um ... I Think Politico Just Published an Argument for Slavery. In 2018 (Yes, That Slavery)

On Tuesday, Politico published “Sponsor an Immigrant Yourself”—a thought exercise from people allegedly named “Eric Posner” and “Glen Weyl” that attempts to solve our immigration debate by thinking so far out of the box that the box now can only be seen by the Hubble Space Telescope. They’re so out of the box, in…