Maryland Governor Tries to Settle HBCUs’ Lawsuit With $100 Million; Schools Say ‘What Else You Got?’

Years ago, The Root Editor-in-Chief Danielle Belton and I were having a conversation about America’s jacked-up relationship with black people. We were enslaved for more than 200 years, lived under American apartheid for another century, and then finally, in the last 50 years or so, America has made a half-hearted…

Should a Racist Grade Your Papers? Students Discover White Supremacists Teaching at Their Universities

Whenever I see Ku Klux Klan rallies or skinheads marching, instead of hate, I am always filled with a sense of curiosity. What do white supremacists do when they’re not white-supremacy-ing? There’s only so much time one can fill denying holocausts and soaking crosses in kerosene for nighttime activities.