North Carolina Teen Accepted to 113 Colleges and Awarded $4.5 Million in Scholarships Accepts Full Ride to HBCU

When you hear stories about black high school seniors getting into the colleges of their dreams, they’re usually touting Ivy League schools. But Greensboro, N.C., high school senior Jasmine Harrison, who was accepted at 113 colleges and awarded $4.5 million in scholarships, is taking her talents to Bennett College on…

Student at Center of Howard University Financial Scandal Speaks Out Amid Campus Protests

As students at Howard University enter the second day of campuswide protests, the university’s board of trustees issued a statement moments before the immaculately dressed law student who has become a symbol of the administration’s mismanagement appeared with journalist Roland Martin and a very luxurious house plant…

Queen: CCH Pounder Celebrates the Art of Black Womanhood With an Exhibition at Xavier University

If you watch television, chances are you‚Äôve watched CCH Pounder. Over the past 38 years, the Emmy-winning Guyanese actress‚ÄĒwho celebrated her 65th birthday on Christmas Day‚ÄĒhas accumulated well over 100 acting credits, including recurring roles in the Avatar franchise, ER, The Shield, Law and Order: SVU, Sons of‚Ķ

Fla. Memorial University to Posthumously Award Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Science to Trayvon Martin: Report 

It’s been five years since 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s life was stolen from him after he was gunned down while walking home from the convenience store by George Zimmerman, who was eventually acquitted of murder charges in his death. The case sparked national outrage and Trayvon, though gone, has never been forgotten.…

Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee, Jeh Johnson Respond to The Root’s Morehouse Investigation

As Morehouse College‚Äôs alumni, students and faculty discover the years of obfuscation by the board of trustees revealed in The Root‚Äôs investigative piece ‚ÄúThe War at Morehouse,‚ÄĚ three of the college‚Äôs most distinguished and successful alumni weighed in on the revelations exposed in our probe.