Living With History: Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington Heir Saw the Burden and Beauty of His Ancestorsā€™ Legacies

Editorā€™s note: For Black History Month, The Root is speaking to the relatives of our most cherished African-American heroes in a series called Living With History. Today we feature Kenneth B. Morris Jr., a descendant of abolitionist Frederick Douglass and educator Booker T. Washington, and spoke to him about how theā€¦

Discovery of Book Published by Black Woman in 1891 Shines Light on 19th-Century Novels by Black Americans

When one thinks of 19th-centuryĀ America, slavery and the Civil War come to mind. American slavery, as we know, was a heinous, painful institution characterized by terrifying acts of violence. Whether it was the systematic rape of black women, the sale of black children away from their parents, squalidĀ livingā€¦