In-Flight Racism: Black Doctor Says She Was Racially Profiled on a PlaneĀ While Helping a Sick Passenger

Delta Airlines is apologizing for a ā€œmisunderstandingā€ that occurred on one of its partnered flights when a black Harvard-educated doctor was repeatedly asked to explain her credentialsā€”even after showing her medical licenseā€”to flight attendants as she was trying to assist a passenger.

Black Woman Kicked Off Delta-SkyWest Flight Over Airplane-Mode Dispute Still Seeking Answers

In late June, cellphone video taken on a Delta-Skywest plane circulated around social media. Posted by Robyn Rodgers on Facebook and an Instagram account under her alias, Deejay Reborn, the videos show a white flight attendant arguing with Rodgers, and then with others on a small aircraft, about their behavior on theā€¦

Nigerian Woman, Who Was Removed From United Flight After a White Passenger Complained She Was ā€˜Pungent,ā€™ Files Lawsuit

Seems as if the airlines are still clowning and being targeted with lawsuits because of the clownery. More recently, United Airlines was hit with a racial-discrimination lawsuit after removing a Nigerian woman and her children from one of its flights, all because of a white passengerā€™s complaints.