Harvey J’s Henny Fried Chicken Is the Blackest Thing I’ve Ever Seen This Week (Possibly for Every Week ... Ever)

If you’re on Facebook, there’s a better-than-50 percent chance that your eyes have seen the blackness glory. When the good Lord said, “Let there be a people of color with feet adorned in Jordans and homes full of TCB,” he was speaking of his plans to imbue one nigga named Harvey J—a COMPLETE wizard with a bottle of…

I Guess Fair and Equal Treatment Only Matters if You Like the Person Asking for It. Yes, We’re Talking About Mo’Nique

I’m not a fan of Mo’Nique and never have been. I don’t have any disdain for her; she’s just not my brand of bourbon, if you catch my drift. If I got free tickets to see a show in person, I may go depending on what else I had going on that particular evening. I have enjoyed some of her work—I liked her in Almost