For Decades, a Predominantly Black and Latinx Indiana Town Suffered from Toxic Contamination. Mike Pence Looked the Other Way

While many are still speculating about whether it was Vice President Mike Pence who wrote an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times about the “resistance” in the White House, it’s worth remembering who Pence really is—a man who has a pattern of neglecting the lives, issues and well-being of people of color.

Eau de Bull, Again: Good Ole Boys Have ‘No Concerns About Anything Inappropriate’ in Environmental-Racism Case

Last year I wrote about an environmental-racism conspiracy in which a corrupt black congressman implicated Jeffrey Wood, the man now overseeing the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, or ENRD. I’m back to report that this story has aged like wine: It’s gotten more complex, mightily more

Eau de Bull: A Cologne of Arsenic and Environmental Racism for Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Wood

The Justice Department’s Environmental and Natural Resources Division is responsible for enforcing compliance with federal environmental laws. So to find that the fingerprints of coal lobbyist-turned-ENRD acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Wood are on an environmental-racism scandal is, actually, pretty par for

White ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Walk Free After Shutting Down London Airport

Nine Black Lives Matter protesters in the United Kingdom will not serve any jail time or pay any fines after shutting down London City Airport on Sept. 6 to raise awareness about environmental racism—specifically air pollution emitted from the airport and its detrimental effects on black people in the surrounding