2 Birds, 1 Racist President: Trump to Undo Obama Policy That Used Race as Factor for Diversity in Schools 

In continuing with the White House’s theme on hating people of color while simultaneously undoing the legacy of former president of the United States and current president of Wakanda, Barack Obama, the Trump administration will rescind policies that included using race as a factor in achieving diversity in schools.

On Reinvention and Remission: Chef Elle Simone Scott Is Paving the Way for Women of Color in the Culinary Industry

Detroit native chef Elle Simone Scott is one of the scintillating on-air talents and food stylists on America’s Test Kitchen. Her rich roots and passion for culinary arts were inspired by cooking with her grandmother at a very young age; years later, she’d moonlight in the hospitality industry after earning…

The Glow Up Gaze: Seynabou Cissé Is the Real-Talking ‘Real Woman’ We’ve Been Waiting For

Model Seynabou Cissé—Seyna, for short—quietly rocked our worlds when she visited our offices in her signature unapologetic, pared-down, woman-conquers-menswear style. We fell in love at first sight with the 23-year old Senegalese JAG Model and her tailored separates, naturally chic cadence and glowing—SO GLOWING—skin.

Dear Companies That Produce and Sell Shit, Would It Kill You to Add Some People of Color to Your Packaging?

On a recent trip to buy some gifts for my own and other children for Christmas, I decided to venture to the beads-and-bracelets-and-shit aisle of a Toys R Us near my home. This is my go-to aisle when I need a random gift for my daughter or her classmates when we’re on the way to a birthday party. My daughter in…

I Am Not Your Token: What Rihanna Taught Us This Week About ‘Diversity’ Casting 

This week, one lucky Rihanna fan got an impromptu lesson in tokenism—from the star herself—after they suggested that she include transgender women in her next Fenty Beauty campaign. The new beauty mogul, who rocked the cosmetics industry this past September with her full-spectrum beauty launch, responded kindly and…