Judge Rules Black Lives Matter Is a Movement That Cannot Be Sued, Dismisses Cop’s Lawsuit Against DeRay Mckesson

The Baton Rouge, La., police officer who anonymously sued both Black Lives Matter and activist DeRay Mckesson will have to seek his legal revenge elsewhere. A federal judge ruled Thursday that Black Lives Matter is a social movement not unlike the civil rights movement or the Tea Party, and therefore cannot be sued.

Did War for the Planet of the Apes Come for DeRay Mckesson or Did Hotep Twitter Go Too Far?

The Planet of the Apes movie series has always been racially problematic. Starting with the originals in the late 1960s and ’70s and extending to the reboots starting in 2011, the films have a sort of hackneyed white-liberal-pontificates-about-race element to them that is at times compelling and other times insulting.

Lawyer Asks Federal Judge to Dismiss Cop’s Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter Activist

Campaign Zero co-founder and prominent activist in the Movement for Black Lives DeRay Mckesson is being sued by an unnamed Baton Rouge, La., police officer who claims he was injured during a protest in the city four days after a police officer killed Alton Sterling, and now an attorney for Mckesson is urging a federal…