Disciplinary Action Looming for Secret Service Agent Who Vowed She Wouldnā€™t Take Bullet for Trump

If you work for the Secret Service, itā€™s in your job description to take one for the president. Unless the president is a racist who has offended everyone who isnā€™t a rich white manā€”then I forgive you if you donā€™t want to take one for the team. But it looks like the Secret Service isnā€™t as forgiving, since it hasā€¦

Denver Broncos' Brandon Marshall to Donate $300 Per Tackle to Address 'Critical Social Issues'

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall has said from the outset of his decision to take a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice that doing so was only part of his plan. In an Instagram message posted Wednesday morning, Marshall announced that he would be donating $300 for every tackle heā€¦