Megyn Kelly Is (Probably) Losing Her Job Because She Sucks At It, Not Because She's Racist

Sentient vat of recycled Great Value Wite-Out Megyn Kelly appears to be losing her job very soon. Perhaps it will happen while I am typing this sentence. (Did it?) The straw that broke this racist camel’s back, of course, was her awkward and illogical and just dumb-as-the-fuck defense of blackface Halloween costumes

Watch: A ‘Very Smart Brotha’ Breaks Down Darth Becky and Being the Blackest Thing on the Internet Since Marvin Gaye’s ‘Thigh Meats’

The Washington Post once described Very Smart Brothas as “the blackest thing that ever happened to the internet. Period.” And aside from a photo of Jesse Jackson and Marvin Gaye playing basketball with their “thigh meats blaring,” Damon Young and Panama Jackson are just that.