Donor Found for Georgia 2-Year-Old Denied Kidney Transplant Because of Father’s Probation; Tyler Perry Gifts Child’s Mom a Car

About a month ago, things were not looking very good for one Georgia family. Little A.J. Burgess needed a lifesaving kidney transplant, which he was denied all because his father—a more than perfect match—violated his probation terms, and the health of the 25-pound 2-year-old who was born without working kidneys was…

La. Sheriff Furious at New Laws Allowing for Release of ‘Good,’ Nonviolent Inmates Because ‘We Use Them to Wash Cars’

In case you ever wondered about the way (some) correctional officers see their inmates, I lead you no further than to Caddo Parish, La., Sheriff Steve Prator, who is ranting and raging mad about new criminal-justice reform laws that will go into effect next month—because it will mean getting rid of cheap labor.