Mo. Man, Tired of Being Called Racist for Flying a Confederate Flag, Puts Up ‘Slaves 4 Sale’ Sign in Retaliation Because That Makes Complete Sense 

Y’all, there’s dumb and then there’s dumb. And one Liberty, Mo., resident is literally the representation of being “dumber than a bag of rocks” after throwing up a “Slaves 4 Sale” sign, all because he was mad at his neighbors for apparently treating him like a racist because he hangs a Confederate flag (the flag of

Of Course HBO Greenlit "Confederate" Because White Guys Get Funding For Every Idea (Even Bad Ones)

Confederate — the upcoming HBO series from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss that rewrites history to depict an America where the Confederate states successfully seceded — might actually end up being a good show. I don't have much faith that it actually will be. This series is a re-imagining of

#TakeItDownAmerica: Fight to Remove Mississippi’s Racist Flag Heads to the Nation’s Capital

On Flag Day (June 14), McComb, Miss., native and actress Aunjanue Ellis (Quantico, The Help) is taking the fight against the state’s flag all the way to the nation’s capital. Ellis will be joined by Michael Eric Dyson, musician Genesis Be and attorney Carlos Moore, along with lawmakers, celebrities and civic leaders