Still in the Spirit: The Legendary Susan Taylor Wants Us to Love Ourselves Enough to Save Ourselves

Susan Taylor is legend. But the term “legend” is nowhere near adequate enough for this woman, whose tenure as editor-in-chief of Essence magazine transformed both of their names into global powerhouse brands followed by 8 million readers. Living in the now, at 71-fighting-years strong, Taylor founded the nonprofit

Why Cicely Tyson Combing Viola Davis's Hair On HTGAWM Was The Blackest Thing I've Ever Seen This Week

I am convinced there is a writer — or, perhaps, a group of writers — on the How to Get Away with Murder staff whose sole job is to think of and craft the single Blackest scene they can possibly film that week while maintaining the show's integrity. Perhaps their job title is 'Blackness Grip" or "Cornel West" or…