Save Sundress Season! Rihanna Just Reminded Us of the Summer We're Not Having

If youā€™ve yet to hear the rumors, Rihanna and Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) are currently filming together in Cuba, as both are reportedly cast members of the upcoming Guava Island, directed by Atlanta and ā€œThis Is Americaā€ video director Hiro Murai. While weā€™ve yet to hear any details about a plot or releaseā€¦

Making Donald Glover the ā€˜Anti-Kanyeā€™ Is Gross and Wrong and Will Backfire, so Please Donā€™t

I spent Saturday evening in a room full of black people, celebrating the birthday of a friend and the genius possessed by two people who were not in that room: LeBron James and Donald Glover. The first part of our night was devoted to the second half of the Cleveland Cavaliers game, and as we watched LeBron go Fullā€¦