A Year Later: Documenting Hate: Charlottesville Explores the Growing White Nationalist Movement in America

As the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville, Va., Unite the Right rally approaches, many still cannot wrap their minds around the hundreds if not thousands of white supremacist sympathizers who descended on a bucolic college town and wrecked violent havoc—one anti-racism protester was killed, dozens more were

Neo-Nazi Who Went by ‘Tyrone’ Doxxed Out of Marines in Alleged Connection to Unite the Right Rally 

I think one of the scariest parts of exposed racists is that they tend to have critical positions in society, like firefighter or middle school teacher or, I don’t know, police officer—you know, jobs where their judgment may have serious consequences for the black people with whom they may come in contact.

Man Injured by White Supremacist Who Drove His Car Into Crowd of Protesters Will Face Attacker in Court

You may not know Marcus Martin, but chances are, you’ve seen him. Martin was one of the Charlottesville counter protesters injured by a car that careened into a crowd during the “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally. A number of photographers snapped images of the car plowing through a wall of people—Martin is in

Deandre Harris Is Now Wanted in Connection With the Same Attack at a White Supremacist Rally Where He Was Seriously Injured, Because America 

Deandre Harris, a 20-year-old black man who was viciously attacked by white supremacists at the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist rally almost two months ago, is now a wanted man after a local magistrate issued a warrant for his arrest in connection with the same Aug. 12 incident that left him bloody and

Robert E. Lee Descendant Who Spoke Out Against Racism Quits Church After Being Criticized for Supporting Black Lives Matter

The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV, a direct descendant of the Civil War general whose name has become synonymous with the Confederacy, appeared on television and spoke out against racism and the riots in Charlottesville, Va., that happened during protests about the removal of a statue of his famous ancestor. Now Lee says