Education, Not Discrimination: NAACP Legal Defense Fund Asks Florida Schools to End Biased Hair Policies

As children returned to school this fall, new teachers and classmates weren’t the only things that greeted some students. More than one story surfaced of children being turned away, or sent home from school, because of culturally-specific hairstyles like braids or dreadlocks. One such child was six-year-old Clinton…

Aspiring to the A-List? Viola Davis Talks Inclusion, Inequities and Acting in Her Natural Hair

It’s strange to consider a world in which Viola Davis isn’t considered “A-list.” The woman already has a star on the Walk of Fame and is just one Grammy away from being achieving “EGOT” status (surely, someone’s got an audiobook that could use her talents, no?). So, when a new interview with the star in Variety

Splitting Hairs: Celeb Hairstylists Kim Kimble and Tokyo Stylez Sparked a Shady Debate Over Legitimacy 

One is a legend in the hair game and the other is steadily making a name for himself creating of-the-moment looks for any number of famous heads, but an exchange of shade between celebrity hair gurus Kim Kimble and Tokyo Stylez this week sparked a lengthy debate about who really gets to call themselves a hairstylist.