Baltimore’s Latest Plan to Clamp Down on Crime: Tricking and Trapping Youths

With the number of lethal and nonlethal shootings, robberies and assaults on the rise in Baltimore, police and government officials are clamoring for ways to make sense of what is happening. But even with public finger-pointing and posturing, there still isn’t a consensus about who should be blamed for the current…

Special ‚ÄėWraparound‚Äô Services for Black Children Aren‚Äôt the Solution to Bad Policy Decisions

We‚Äôre not going to ‚Äúnonprofit‚ÄĚ our way out of poverty, housing unaffordability and economic injustice. Historic discrimination and structural inequality have laid the groundwork for multiple life-sucking neighborhood factors that black children face every day: Poverty, crime, unemployment, unaffordable housing,‚Ķ