Judge Rules Black Lives Matter Is a Movement That Cannot Be Sued, Dismisses Copā€™s Lawsuit Against DeRay Mckesson

The Baton Rouge, La., police officer who anonymously sued both Black Lives Matter and activist DeRay Mckesson will have to seek his legal revenge elsewhere. A federal judge ruled Thursday that Black Lives Matter is a social movement not unlike the civil rights movement or the Tea Party, and therefore cannot be sued.

White Man Once Again Arrested in Connection With 2 Possibly Racially Motivated Killings and a Shooting at Home of Black FamilyĀ 

Suspected racist killer Kenneth Gleason is once again back in police custody and is now expected to be booked on multiple charges in connection with two possibly racially motivated killings. Gleason, 23, has also reportedly been connected to a third shooting in which he allegedly shot at the home of a black family,ā€¦

New Black Panther Party Protest in Baton Rouge, La., on Anniversary of Alton Sterling Shooting Leads to Confrontation With Police

A New Black Panther Party demonstration in Baton Rouge, La., on Wednesday to mark the one-year anniversary of the police shooting that left Alton Sterling dead turned into a confrontation with police and ended with seven people arrested after demonstrators attempted to march through a barricade line at policeā€¦

Lawyer Asks Federal Judge to Dismiss Copā€™s Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter Activist

Campaign Zero co-founder and prominent activist in the Movement for Black Lives DeRay Mckesson is being sued by an unnamed Baton Rouge, La., police officer who claims he was injured during a protest in the city four days after a police officer killed Alton Sterling, and now an attorney for Mckesson is urging a federalā€¦