White Liberal Tears and Racism From Parents in Response to Seattle Teachers Wearing ā€˜Black Lives Matterā€™ T-Shirts

Last October, teachers in the Seattle Public Schools district planned a Black Lives Matter in the Seattle Public Schools event that consisted of wearing T-shirts with the slogan printed on them, despite the fact that a similar effort at Seattleā€™s John Muir Elementary in September was met with criticism, hate mail andā€¦

Jerry Rice Is Sorry, Yā€™all; He Didnā€™t Realize That All Lives Matter Wasnā€™t Our Fight

Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice admits that he dropped the ball. As it turns out, Rice wasn't well-versed in social happenings surrounding police killings of unarmed African-American men, women and children when he spouted off, "All Lives Matter" in a recent tweet. But after being dragged on Twitter for hisā€¦

Seattle Seahawks #AllLivesMatter Protest Is an Act of Political Cowardice

Are you ready for some football? Are you ready for some flag-waving, solemn, 15th-anniversary-of-Sept. 11 remembrances? Are you ready for some Colin Kaepernick-inspired Black Lives Matter demonstrations by NFL players? If not, too bad, because youā€™re going to get all of those things when you tune in for any teamā€™s NFLā€¦