Is It Just Me, or Is BuzzFeed’s Headline About Big Lez Mad Disrespectful?

I was perusing the internet streets like I always do looking for what’s good in the hood when I came across an article from BuzzFeed that made me clutch my pearls, then touch my chest and say, “Why, I never!” The headline? “We Found the Girl Who Danced to Living Single’s Theme Song and Sis Looks Good as Hell.”

With Black Panther We Have a Black Movie and a Black Movie Soundtrack. It’s Like 1994 All Over Again

The soundtrack for Black Panther, the Top Dawg Entertainment-helmed Black Panther: The Album, dropped today. While Black Panther is a Marvel Cinematic Universe product, it’s still a black movie. From Ryan Coogler to Wakanda to kente cloth in videos to the two capital letters and the apostrophe in the lead character…


An R&B Playlist For Colored Girls Who Listened To The Toni Braxton Secrets Album Too Soon And Have Yet To Recover

I’ve been voluntarily flailing from irrational emotion to irrational emotion for over a week now because Jazmine Sullivan has released a new album. Jazmine’s songwriting on Reality Show is so specific and raw, “Brand New” really had me ready to ugly cry like I paid for bae’s studio time and he just up and left me for…