ā€˜Patrioticā€™ Trump Supporter Finds Out She Was Tricked by Russian Trolls and Her Reaction Is Hilarious

Florine Gruen Goldfarb loves America. She is a real, down-home patriot. So much so that she unwittingly promoted Russian-coordinated events on Facebook in support of Donald Trump. Goldfarb, who runs the Team Trump Broward County Facebook page, was one of the 53 percent of white women who backed Trump in 2016 andā€¦

Russiaā€™s Recent Facebook Ads Prove the Kremlin Never Loved Black People

Thousands of Russian-bought Facebook ads that the social media company is preparing to deliver to Congress reveal a very sound knowledge of Americaā€™s racial discord. With some of the ads calling for protections of gun rights, warning of the so-called dangers of immigration and of promoting Black Lives Matter groups,ā€¦