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Steve Stephens’ Ex-Girlfriend Joy Lane Meets With Robert Godwin Sr.’s Family

 Tonya R. Godwin-Baines, Debbie D. Godwin and Joy Lane (WJW via YouTube screenshot)
Tonya R. Godwin-Baines, Debbie D. Godwin and Joy Lane (WJW via YouTube screenshot)

Joy Lane’s name became a topic of conversation after Steve Stephens mentioned her during his recorded manifesto before he killed 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. Stephens told the elderly man that Lane was the reason he was being killed before shooting the Cleveland man in the head.


On Tuesday, in an interview with a local Ohio news station, Lane spoke about how her life has changed since Stephens recorded himself killing Godwin in Cleveland on Easter Sunday.

“The hashtags Joy Lane, Joy Lane massacre, I don’t even know who Joy Lane is anymore, or how to pick up all the pieces of my world at this moment,” Lane told WJW. “I’ve got a lot of negative comments. Some even said he should have killed me.”

But Godwin’s daughters, Tonya R. Godwin-Baines and Debbie D. Godwin, wanted to reassure Lane that Stephens’ actions were not her fault and that she shouldn’t blame herself. During their meeting, the daughters and Lane hugged each other and prayed.


According to Lane, her last conversation with Stephens was last Saturday and he told her he had quit his job and was moving out of the state. She said they remained friends after their breakup and she wanted to get him help for his gambling problem.

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To the idiots out there in the digital world, who blamed this woman for the elderly mans death. Find the longest flight of stairs you can find, go all the way to the top, and fall down each stair!