Officials Recommend 1-Day Suspension After Columbus, Ohio, Officer Is Caught Kicking Handcuffed Black Man in the Head

Video image of Columbus, Ohio, Police Officer Zachary Rosen stomping on Demarco Anderson’s head (YouTube screenshot)
Video image of Columbus, Ohio, Police Officer Zachary Rosen stomping on Demarco Anderson’s head (YouTube screenshot)

Officials in Ohio have recommended a 24-hour suspension for a Columbus police officer who was caught on video stomping on a handcuffed man’s head, because that seemed totally reasonable to them.


Had I walked up to a random person (let alone a restrained person) and kicked him or her in the head, it would be recommended that I be put in jail for assault, I’m pretty sure, but I am not Columbus Police Officer Zachary Rosen.

According to Raw Story, on Wednesday, the Columbus Police Department revealed that Chief of Police Kim Jacobs recommended the 24-hour suspension for Rosen. It is noted, however, that Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said in a statement that the director of public safety will have the final say about whether to uphold the suspension, fire Rosen or choose another route of discipline. So now all eyes are on the director, I suppose.

“While the chief of police has made a recommendation for discipline in the use-of-force case involving Officer Rosen, the director of public safety will make the final decision under the current [Fraternal Order of Police] contract,” Ginther said. “I have every expectation the public safety director will discipline Officer Rosen in a manner that holds him accountable for his actions, and I expect the final decision to be made as quickly as possible.”

Don’t we all hope that the public safety director would dole out appropriate discipline?

Rosen’s behavior was exposed to the public eye back in April after video showed him stomping on Demarco Anderson’s head while Anderson was already handcuffed and appeared outwardly calm while asking the officer handcuffing him why he was being so aggressive.


On the video, the officer can be heard saying something inaudible about Anderson’s hands, which are already behind him.

“I am, sir,” Anderson can be heard replying.

Suddenly, Rosen can be seen running up into the scene and putting his foot in Anderson’s face with so much force, the young man’s face bounces off the pavement.

Throughout the ordeal, even after the kick, Anderson is seen remaining calm, attempting to reason with officers.


But yeah, a 24-hour suspension, aka a day off, seems totally reasonable for Rosen.

Well, I guess unless the director of public safety has something else to say.

Read more at Raw Story.

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One day, one fucking day. This officer will murder a black person someday if they do not stop him now. Lunatic, racist bastards need to be out of the police force.