Justifying Racism With Images

E. Riley/Saxx Music Co./Jim Crow Museum

The following historical images and photos of memorabilia may be disturbing, but they show the foundation being laid for negative stereotypes of African Americans that persist to this day in a less overt fashion. This slideshow is not meant to glorify, but rather to teach. Read more about how these images came to be in "Should Blacks Collect Racist Memorabilia?"

1904 Watermelon Coon Card

Jim Crow Museum

All Coons Look Alike to Me

M. Whitmark and Sons

Thomas D. Rice as Jim Crow 1832

E. Riley

Life in Philadelphia Plate

Library of Congress

Jemima's Wedding Day, Boston 1899

Saxx Music Co./Wikimedia Commons

Our Christmas Tree (Puck, 1899)

Keppler, illustration from Puck, v. 46, no. 1190 (Dec. 27, 1899)

Wm. H. West's Big Minstrel Jubilee

Library of Congress

Imperial Minstrels Postcard, 1906

Wikipedia Commons

Chlorinol Soda Bleaching Ad


The Dogwood Tree Postcard, 1908

Harkrider Drug Co., Center, Texas, 1908

A Joy Ride in Florida, Early 1900s

The Cochrane Co., eBay

The Contest, 1908


All-in-Gator Lunch in Florida

Postal Card & Novelty Co., eBay

Black Figure and Alligator, Ceramic

Jim Crow Museum

Chicken Inn Bellhop Cookie Jar, Ceramic

Jim Crow Museum

Mammy Cookie Jar

Small Town Antiques, eBay

Jolly Bank


The Adventures of 2 Dutch Girls and a Golliwogg

Kate Upton, 1895, Wikimedia Commons

Mammy Cookie Jar

Sharon Cumings, Pinterest

2 Loving Hearts


Nuff Stuff Overalls, 1924

Hartmann-Schneider Co.; union-made.blogspot.com

Who's Dat Say Chickun, Little Coons Series

Ullman Manufacturing Co., 1662, eBay

A Bird in the Hand Postcard, 1907


A 'Fowl' Proceeding Postcard

E.C. Kropp Pub. Co., Milwaukee, eBay.com

A Dream of Paradise Postcard, 1910

By H. Horina, published by J.I. Austen Co., Chicago

Sambo in a Watermelon Brings Greeting From Dixieland

Cole Book Co., 1906, eBay

Little Rastus's Idea of Grandpa in Heaven, 1913

Wilder Puck, Dec. 3, 1913, page 9, copyright Keppler & Schwarzmann, Library of Congress

Hot Mikado With Bill Robinson

Jim Crow Museum

Anheuser-Busch Black and Tan Prepared Only by Anheuser-Busch Brew'g Ass'n

Circa 1899, Library of Congress

For the Sunny South. An Airship With a 'Jim Crow' Trailer

Color halftone reproduction of drawing signed in lower left Erhart; copyright Keppler & Schwarzmann. Illustration in Puck, Feb. 26, 1913 

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