One-Eyed Bat Boy

Rhondalyn McDow

Reader Rhodalyn Medow submitted this adorable photo of Marlon'Jey as Bat Boy.


Schala Guzman

Schala Guzman from Los Angeles dressed up as Facebook before the upgrades.

There's No Place Like Home

James West

Reader James West III of Missouri City, Texas, writes, "The innocent ones at Halloween Dance in Houston."


Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care

Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care sent in this photo of a 4-year-old girl in a homemade Hello Kitty costume.

Controversial Costume

Schala Guzman

Here's Schala Guzman again dressed up as Dr. Conrad Murray, equipped with a healthy dose of propofol.

Disney Princess

Trill Snowden

Trill Snowden of New Hampshire gives us this picture of Saniyah as Ariel Ballerina Princess. "Saniyah loves Princess Ariel and wanted to be her this Halloween. My family and friends always tell me she should be a model," Snowden writes. 

Snow White Without Seven Dwarfs

Chris Williams

Reader Chris Williams posted this photo of Snow White and her friends.

Opposites Attract

Edward Potter

Edward Potter from Los Angeles sent this photo of his "little darlings," Maya and Cammie from Portland, Ore., dressed as a witch and a princess.

Unlikely Pair

Karen Mauney

At a Halloween party in Rego Park, N.Y., Karen Mauney's grandson and his classmate pose for a picture as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Mario from Super Mario Bros.

Precious Pup

Nancy Jennings

Reader Nancy Jennings sent us this photo with the caption, "Our little poodle."

Ponytails and Eight-Counts

Josh Weaver

The Root's editorial intern Josh Weaver posing as an eccentric pageant dad, flanked by his overworked daughters and wife.