NYPD Cop Killed by Fellow Officer

CNN reports that Officer Omar Edwards was shot dead by plainslothes officers as he chased a man he saw breaking into his car. Edwards, an East Harlem resident, had recently ended his shift when he saw a man rummaging through his car. He drew his gun and pursued the man. Plainclothes officers patrolling the area saw the chase and pursued both Edwards and the suspect. Upon exiting the car, one officer unloaded six shots, two of which hit Edwards in his chest and arm. He was not wearing a bulletproof vest and did not return fire. It is not clear whether any of the officers had identified themselves as law enforcement. *side eye*

Before You Lock Her Love Away: Rihanna to Appear at Hearing as Potential Witness

The Associated Press reports that Rihanna is to appear next month in a preliminary hearing as a possible witness in Chris Brown's assault case. Rihanna will receive a subpoena to testify in the June 22 hearing as prosecutors try to ascertain whether or not there is enough evidence to continue the case against Brown—evidence besides pictures of her punched face and blood in the car, we mean.

'Reunited' with Music, Herb Still on the Daily Grind

Peaches and Herb are back but that's not stopping Herb Feemster from continuing his day job as a deputized court security officer for the U.S. Marshals Service. The Washington Post reports that despite releasing an album for the first time in nearly 25 years, it's business as usual for Feemster on his security detail, which is nothing new considering when he first took a sabbatical from the music business in the 1970s, he became a DC police officer. Despite being a relatively secure R&B act, Feemster cites never wanting to be a starving artist as a reason he stayed on his day job hustle.