The New York Times: Obama's Iraq Pullout Plan Gains GOP Support, Hell Freezing Over

TBT: Hm. Perhaps the President really can get somewhere with this "purpling" of the government. Or maybe they're just biding their time.

The Washington Post: Pondering a Newspaper Bailout, Constitution Sighs

TBT: Going against the spirit of the free market is questionable enough. Bailing out the "free press" just invites a brave new world few want. At some point, even legitimate financial difficulty cannot overshadow founding principles.


The Los Angeles Times: Doing Time? Consult a Jailhouse Litigator (And Bring a Carton of Smokes)

TBT: This must be a growth industry. You have to love this country: You can get just about anything for a price.

Al Jazeera: 'Secret' Taliban Talks Under Way, Want To Avoid Getting Shoe If Possible


TBT: Something tells us these gentlemen have been keeping up with the chats of a former junior senator from Illinois.

BBC: China Denounces US 'Right Abuse' Report, Rattles Wallet At Washington

TBT: People tend to get froggy when you're in their pocket.

Mother Jones: John Bolton Thinks Nuking Chicago Would Be Hilarious, People Applaud

TBT: What do you think we're going to say? That John Bolton is a…"real character."

Jack and Jill Politics: The Reversal of Shock: Presidential Speech Edition

TBT: We like to call it "The Obama Cut." It's the President's uppercut speech style; his special way of punching everyone in America, but punching them up and toward being a better version of themselves. The Obama Cut (tm).

The Black Snob: Sam Jackson Is A Bad Mutha…


The Daily Beast: Citi Bailout - $45B +, Buzz Bailout - 0

TBT: Maybe if we change our name to CitiBuzz we can get a couple bill for our troubles.


The Huffington Post: Michele Bachmann Attempts "Black" Speak at Michael Steele, Fails

TBT: It's times like these that make you miss the days of yore when the GOP didn't bother pretending to like anyone but themselves.