It's a Very Scary Big Boo-uty Tuesday!

10/27/20 12:00pm

A Black Woman Just Won the Presidential Debate Between Two Old White Men

10/23/20 12:47pm

A Black Girl Who Is Magical: Lovie Simone Talks Self-Healing, Combating Colorism and The Craft: Legacy

10/22/20 2:30pm

'A Mammogram Can Save Our Lives': Mary J. Blige Joins The Root for a Discussion About Breast Cancer Awareness

10/21/20 1:30pm

Funny, Shady, and Everything in Between: Why Jasmyn Lawson Loves Verzuz Battles

10/22/20 9:19am

'They Are Really Giving the Racist Drag Race Fans a Run for Their Money': Tre'vell Anderson Celebrates the Black Queens Dominating the Show

10/21/20 9:06am

Let's Get Our Hair Did and Play a Round of Black Ass Game With the Cast and Crew of Bad Hair!

10/20/20 3:30pm

Here’s an Exclusive Excerpt of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Newest Fiction (You’re Welcome!)

10/20/20 1:00pm

'There Certainly Was an Extremely Black Movement': Ibram X. Kendi Recounts How Blackness Has Been on Display in 2020

10/20/20 9:52am

Saving Lives on the Frontlines: 3 Root 100 Honorees Names You Need to Know

10/19/20 3:31pm

Yamiche Alcindor Reflects on the Late Congressman John Lewis' Lasting Impact

10/19/20 12:30pm

Tre'vell Anderson Honors TransGriot Creator and Activist Monica Roberts

10/16/20 8:56am