Video reportedly shows Earledreka White getting harassed by police officer in March 2016.
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In March a black woman by the name of Earledreka White was pulled over by a Houston police officer for crossing the double white line. Soon afterward she called 911 because she was afraid of the cop. She said to the dispatcher, "I would like another officer to come out here. My heart is racing. I’m really afraid," according to Raw Story.

White, 28, ended up being charged with resisting arrest and was jailed for two days. She reportedly feared for her life there, concerned that she might end up like Sandra Bland, who mysteriously died in Texas a few days after she was arrested for a routine traffic stop.


Raw Story reports that after an investigation in April, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County concluded that the officer had done nothing wrong, despite White's claims of harassment and that he threatened to use a Taser on her.

Now, however, a newly released surveillance video could back up her case. The footage shows White on the phone with a dispatcher, with the officer in front of her, until the situation escalates and the cop begins to grab for her and get aggressive.

“This is obviously a police officer who needs some training on how to de-escalate a situation, and I would think it would be especially important in today’s climate," said Houston NAACP President James Douglas.


White's attorney, Zack Feriettea, thinks that charges against his client should be dropped, saying, “I’m as pro law enforcement as they come, but that’s not good police conduct.

“You can’t escalate a situation and then claim someone is ‘resisting arrest.’ That’s ridiculous," Feriettea added.

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