Director of HBCU Band Set to Perform for Trump Convicted of Sex Assault in 2006


President-elect “Grab ’em by the pussy” can’t stop attracting perverts. On Friday the man whose likability rating is on par with lice will hold his inauguration celebration, an event at which no one wanted to perform because the man is vile. Donald Trump’s team was able to secure the Talladega College marching band, which has juiced that invite into a surplus of riches.


Now it’s come to light that Miguel A. Bonds, the director of the small Alabama HBCU’s marching band, was convicted in the 2006 sex assault of a male student.

In September 2006, Bonds, then 31, and the 20-year-old male student were talking after a football game. The victim mentioned that he was planning to pledge a fraternity the following year, and Bonds offered to “teach him what he needs to know about pledging,” WBCO reports.

Police told the news station that the student followed Bonds to his apartment, where the now band director turned on a movie and offered the underage young man the alcoholic beverage Hypnotic. Bonds told the younger man to come to his bedroom, where Bonds began cleaning up.

Police told the news station that the student began feeling intoxicated within minutes of drinking the alcoholic beverage. The student told authorities that his balance became unsteady, so he sat on Bonds’ bed. According to police, Bonds convinced the student to lie down and put on a pornographic movie.

The student began fading in and out of consciousness, later telling police that he awoke lying naked on the floor with a blanket and a pillow, the news station reports. He told police that Bonds called him shortly afterward and asked if he remembered anything. He told Bonds no and hung up and reported the incident to police.

Bonds was accused of performing oral sex upon and touching the student, and charged with “second-degree rape, two counts of third-degree unlawful sexual contact and providing alcohol to an underage person.”


Bonds “pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of sexual harassment and offensive touching. He served one year of probation and was told to have no contact with the victim,” WBRC reports.

Bonds has avoided the spotlight since the president-elect’s invitation to Talladega’s marching band. He did do one exclusive interview with CBS 42 when news broke of the school’s possible participation in the inauguration festivities:


The Talladega County District Attorney told WBRC that Bonds wasn’t required to register as a sex offender because there is no equivalent sexual harassment law in Alabama.


Read more at WBCO and WBRC.

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You assume they didn’t vet, while I just assume they did and didn’t care. That’s how little benefit of the doubt I will be giving Trump, his administration, and really anyone who voted/supported/endorsed him.