‘Black Skinned Storm Trooper’ Who Foreshadowed Kaepernick to Be Honored at TIDAL X: Brooklyn

Before Colin Kaepernick was born, a couple of black dudes, John Carlos and Tommie Smith, raised a couple of black-gloved fists to the sky as the U.S. national anthem played after they earned a couple of Olympic medals in Mexico City. They were protesting racial injustice and inequality during a decade in which Martin…

NFL Safety Eric Reid Met With the Cincinnati Bengals and Everything Was Going Great Until They Got to the Protests 

If you don’t believe that former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick is being whiteballed by the NFL, then look no farther than Eric Reid. While there have been questions about Kaepernick’s style of play not fitting with different teams, there have been no questions about Reid’s ability to play football. In…

O.J. Simpson Agrees With Trump on Colin Kaepernick’s Protest, but I’m Going to Need O.J. to STFU About Everything Black-Related

Unless O.J. Simpson wants to talk about running a football in the ’70s, or how he handled himself in prison, or how he fooled everyone into thinking he was black during the trial of the century, I’m going to need him to shut the fuck up about the work that Colin Kaepernick is doing.