I Thought Day Parties Were Dumb And Too "Millennial" Until I Had One Of My Own

When I hear the words day party, I instantly imagine women in strapless dresses from Anthropologie and dudes wearing suspenders with those super high hemmed pants. Thereā€™s barbecue chicken that magically doesnā€™t drip. Itā€™s at a perfectly appointed venue. Thereā€™s no talk about politics or hip-hop. There are peopleā€¦

Four Reasons Why Melanin Illustrated Is The Blackest And Best Thing That Ever Happened This Week

1. Because I keep trying to find ways to articulate the myriad shades of beautiful and banging-ass brown found in this photo shoot ā€” done in Costa Rica by 28 members of the Florida A&M chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, where they celebrated the 10 year anniversary of them crossing in 2007 ā€” and I keep coming back to food.ā€¦

Five Perfectly Logical And Understandable Reasons Why Kyrie Irving Would Want Out Of Cleveland

Perhaps you might have heard that Kyrie Irving asked to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers. And that he apparently made this request as early as last year, soon after the Cavs won the championship.Ā And that the Cavs were already attempting to trade him this summer, and that this is part of the reason why (former)ā€¦

Why Iā€™m Willing to Represent the Entire Black Community to the Not Black Community

You know what I donā€™t mind? Aside from not minding if you stroke me up, (I donā€™t mind) I do not mind being the voice of Black America. Not on radio or television, I mean in the office and to white people anywhere. If I work at a company and there arenā€™t a lot of Black people around (likely) and white folks haveā€¦