Federal Judge Stops New Orleans From Jailing Those Who Fail to Pay Fines, Rules That They Must Have a Chance to Plead Poverty

Instead of being immediately tossed into jail for failing to pay fines or fees related to whatever legal issues you may have, a federal judge has ruled that anyone who owes money from criminal convictions in New Orleans must have a chance to plead poverty in a ‚Äúneutral forum,‚ÄĚ before being put behind bars for failure‚Ķ

Meek Mill’s Case Is Just 1 Example of How the Criminal-Justice System Fails Black People

As long as there has been freedom for black people post-slavery, there has been a criminal-justice system that has been committed to caging them again. From the convict-lease system, even slave catchers before the emancipation, there’s always been a system designed to watch black bodies, to catch black bodies, to…

Cynthia Nixon Catches Heat for Calling Cannabis Licenses in Black Community a ‚ÄėForm of Reparations‚Äô

In an interview with Forbes magazine Saturday, Cynthia Nixon, the former Sex and the City star and current New York gubernatorial candidate, told the outlet that communities of color most devastated by decades of the country’s war on drugs should get first priority when it comes to licenses to sell legal cannabis.

Kelvin Harrison Jr.’s Breakout Performance Anchors Powerful Young-Adult Novel-Turned-Sundance Film Monster

It‚Äôs maddening that a book written in 1999 still carries so much relevance in 2018. Nearly two decades ago, Walter Dean Myers‚Äô young-adult novel approached a racist court system that paints African-American men as guilty ‚Äúmonsters‚ÄĚ before any evidence is presented. Sadly, this concept holds true as former music video‚Ķ