19 Different Spoiler-Free Thoughts and Emotions (With GIFs) I Had While Watching the Season 5 Finale of Power

The season five finale of Power aired on Sunday night. Look, for all of the criticisms of Power—and some of it is very, very warranted—when this season got good it got goodt. Delivert goodt. Slap yo’ mama with the same hand that you don’ licked off the barbecue sauce off your fingers goodt. Episodes 8-10?

Sterling K. Brown Responds to Predator Backlash After Olivia Munn Calls Out Cast for Shunning Her

As the Toronto International Film Festival kicked into gear last week, much of the discussion around the film Predator, which showed at the festival, hasn’t been about the film, but about director Shane Black’s decision to cast a longtime friend and registered sexual offender in the film without alerting his…

Homecoming: Pyer Moss Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary with FUBU, Reebok and a NYFW Cookout

When Issa Rae turned up to host the 2018 CFDA Awards wearing a crystal-spangled sapphire jumpsuit with a black sash that read “Every Nigga Is a Star,” it was not only a nod to the famed Boris Gardiner song, but an affirmation that she was still rooting for everybody black amongst the nominees that night. But for the…

American Beauty: Brandon Maxwell Makes Old-School Glamour Accessible for All

Designer Brandon Maxwell has long been a believer in black girl magic—and equally, a proponent of good, old-fashioned glamour. There was no shortage of both on his Spring-Summer 2019 runway, as he sent a series of retro-inspired silhouettes down the runway at New York City’s Classic Car Club on Saturday afternoon.

Here Comes the Sun: For 2019, Christian Siriano Envisions a Tropical Getaway—and a New Governor 

Summer 2018 is just ending, but the Christian Siriano woman is already dressed for a tropical getaway, which was the inspiration for the designer’s Spring-Summer 2019 collection. Sending chartreuse chiffons, palm and animal prints and flamingo-inspired feathered dresses down the runway on a body-positive array of…