W.Va. High School Taunts Inner-City Pittsburgh High School Football Team With ‘Trump Perry’ Sign

Perry Traditional Academy is a predominantly black high school, located on Pittsburgh’s North Side and a five- to seven-minute drive away from my house. My brother-in-law graduated from there last year. (He was also a first-team All-City basketball player. He can’t beat me yet, but he is pretty good.)

C-SPAN Caller Sheds White Tears, Just Can’t Watch Football Anymore Because of NFL Players’ Protest

“Sharon” from Williamstown, N.J., just can’t take the disrespect of the American flag from football players during the national anthem. She, like most other tone-deaf white Americans, still believes that taking a knee during the national anthem is about this stupid flag and that racist-ass song, so she called the…

Did Mike Tomlin Pull Some Black-Ass Judo With His Answer to Why the Steelers Stayed in the Locker Room?

The present-day Pittsburgh Steelers exist as a paradox. They have been led, for the last 11 years, by a black coach who was considered for the position in large part because of the Rooney Rule—a policy requiring NFL teams to interview minority candidates for coaching and upper-management positions. The rule is named…


Teresa Kaepernick On Trump Calling Injustice Protesters Sons Of Bitches: “It’s What Most Of Us Have Come To Expect From Him”

President Donald Trump has made something of a hobby out of attacking private citizens, Colin Kaepernick among them. During a rally held in Alabama last night, he referred to Kaepernick (among others), though not by name, saying that NFL owners should, when faced with a player kneeling during the national anthem, “get…